Wondering Aloud

I love Tull, and for those new to this great classic group, the photo is of Ian Anderson, the wild eyed genius front man of the group. One of my favorite tunes ever is Wondering Aloud, which I had always heard on the Aqualung album and wished it was longer....

Saturday at the Creek diggin Rotten Strawbs

The Rotten Strawbs performing at a a great winery in Purcellville, VA. The last show here was great. Let's make this one even better! Join this dynamic duo for some awesome music!   Visit the Stawbs on Gapoz or check them out on Facebook

Strawbs in Frederick

Strawbs will be performing in this classy wine bar (with a great menu selection it looks like). Come on it and get to know these guys if you don't already. Meet their fans too. A great and loyal group that always makes for a nice party.

Strawbs Guestbook

Use the "Leave reply" option at the bottom of this post to drop your comments on the Rotten Strawbs. They would be glad to know you came by, and interested in what you have to say, especially if it's encouraging!

888 – Persnicket Book One

I don't remember when I first knew I had a secret life. It was a secret from me, a memory before any others. When I  was three I caught some sort of bug. The flu, or maybe just a bad cold. The doctor was sent for and he prescribed rest...

130 – Good News

An abrupt wave of air from behind Tiffen propelled her even faster toward the mighty oaken doors that served as the sole entrance to the majestic guild hall. All of the straggler mages were suddenly rushing forward, and Tiffen saw why. The guild's master at arms was trying to close...

110 – Tiffen

Tiffen hurried down the long stone hallway, her small wings humming. She zoomed between the heads of the mages and wizards that, like her, were in danger of being late and so hurried. It wasn’t surprising there were so many. The meeting had been moved up at basically the last...

260 – Where’s the magic when you need it?

Wejamar fairly scowled at Zoe. "You walk, I suppose. I am not in charge of transportation." Zoe turned and looked at Tiffen, who grinned sheepishly. Bugar simply shrugged when it was his turn. Zoe turned back to Wejamar. "Walk?", she asked, incredulously. "I've seen the map. That would take days."...

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