So, Aveena lives, but dang it, you can't present pieces in helter skelter order and expect to understand! After talking to my son, Troy, the other day, I have once again returned to thoughts of this story, pieces that haunt me and demand to be told. So, it's time, to...



In the spring of 2004 Alice (my wife) decided she wanted a dog. What kind of dog should it be she wondered. It couldn't be a large dog, or a dog that sheds, or a dog that makes allergies flare up. There was a lot it couldn't be. So she...

Tapper is coming to Audible Books!

Some of you may know I wrote a screenplay called "Zombody to Love" some years ago. It was experimental. I wanted to create a character that totally sucked and nobody could root for, and then see if I could make people root for him. It really was an exercise kind...

Binary Games

Binary Games Written by Richard Crossley, originally as a screenplay for inclusion in a short collection of stories back in the Triggerstreet days. May or may not be published elsewhere, but all rights to all versions is retained by Richard Crossley. Jason glances repeatedly back and forth between the road...

Wondering Aloud

I love Tull, and for those new to this great classic group, the photo is of Ian Anderson, the wild eyed genius front man of the group. One of my favorite tunes ever is Wondering Aloud, which I had always heard on the Aqualung album and wished it was longer....

Saturday at the Creek diggin Rotten Strawbs

The Rotten Strawbs performing at a a great winery in Purcellville, VA. The last show here was great. Let's make this one even better! Join this dynamic duo for some awesome music!   Visit the Stawbs on Gapoz or check them out on Facebook

Strawbs in Frederick

Strawbs will be performing in this classy wine bar (with a great menu selection it looks like). Come on it and get to know these guys if you don't already. Meet their fans too. A great and loyal group that always makes for a nice party.

Strawbs Guestbook

Use the "Leave reply" option at the bottom of this post to drop your comments on the Rotten Strawbs. They would be glad to know you came by, and interested in what you have to say, especially if it's encouraging!

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