Zombie fever and other illnesses

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So the holiday season has past and we find ourselves in that odd position of not having our sights set on anything. Next on the list for holidays is Martin Luther King Jr. day and as far as I can remember nobody gives me the day off or fattens my pocket with presents or money. There is of course Valentine’s Day, and I do like candy, but let’s be serious, we are at the start of a long stretch. The next biggie is really tax return day for those who have something coming and get their returns in quickly. All of which has nothing to do with the purpose of this post… 

Zombies. Who doesn’t love em. Two of my sons were in a short called Zombie Two Step some years back. We had been discussing how utterly stupid it seemed to be terrified of something so… slow. And as a result, a few hours later I was editing our shots while our actors tried to get their makeup crap off without the proper supplies. Anyway, this subject came up the other day and try as I might, I couldn’t find the vid. Plex had updated and decided to totally rearrange stuff and it was very frustrating. I did however finally track it down and as it happened, my interest was invested for the moment in a new tool for web site stuff and I decided to test it by making a short quiz about….. say it. Zombies. That’s what we’re talking about.. So now I want to see if I can put the test in this post. If you find it here than I was successful. If not, you will instead find a link to it in this post. Either way, I hope you take the test and do well. Comments and feedback are appreciated.



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Zombie fever and other illnesses

by Richard Crossley time to read: 1 min