Did she win a rotten strawb wine?

Polly don't need your cracker...
Voiced by Amazon Polly

The Rotten Strawbs performed yesterday afternoon into the evening at Creek’s Edge winery in Purcellville, Virginia.

After the long and energetic first set the winner of the ‘caption contest’ was announced.

Congratulations to Claudia!

“Mikey, finish your beer and go find us a gig.”

The winner, pictured above, most likely was not allowed to leave with her prize bottle of wine, being part of a thirsty and robust group.

There is no doubt this duo gets better and more confident with each outing. The vocal mic could have benefited from a slightly higher ratio with the music, since some of the softer vocals got lost, but in toto the sound volume to ambient ratio was excellent and the overall acoustics in this friendly venue are good.

More importantly, Nate and Dillon are indeed skilled guitarists that are a real treat when they get into the zone. The audience really got that and seemed to truly enjoy the performance, including one mother who had to come up front so her daughter could get into the dance groove.

We have a good audio of the entire performance and will be taking cuts for future posts. Below the slideshow we include 'Almost cut my hair', selected because the Strawbs do it better every time I hear it and it is starting to take on their flavor, and secondly, there just aren't enough bands paying homage to some of the past greats.

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Did she win a rotten strawb wine?

by Richard Crossley time to read: 1 min
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