999 – The Fall of Yardossi

Dagalur braced his back against the smoldering tree, oblivious to the smoke and heat. He spiked the tip of his spear into the soft earth to stand for itself. A squad of 4 huge orcish beasts lumbered by, their grunts seemingly syncronized as if a marching cadence. Drool was flung...

100 – Chapter 1: The Orphan Girl

Zoe remembered. It had been half her lifetime ago, but she remembered it perfectly. *** Sitting there, looking out the window and watching the other kids play, she had the familiar feeling of… being someone else. She talked about it once to a grown-up, when she was sick with the...

000 – Aveena Scraps

The scrap notes are a place of planning, review, and consideration of the story. Comments and suggestions should be attached to this post for consideration.

Bubbling Doubts

Agora has always wondered why Gorsnuck had offered her bonding. These doubts resurface now that the girl has returned to the world.

Pulling the Sweet Tooth!

I love the keto diet. It has done wonders for me, and in record time. My first introduction to it's principles was the Atkins diet. It blew me away. Years later I discovered that the fundamentals of ketosis had been researched long before, There is, or will be soon, much...


I'm guessing you have at least 2 questions at this point. What the hell does TGIT mean (you probably think you caught me in a goof don't you?), and what does that awesome picture have to do with it. Well, let me splain. Two simple facts will allow even podunk...

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