I’m guessing you have at least 2 questions at this point. What the hell does TGIT mean (you probably think you caught me in a goof don’t you?), and what does that awesome picture have to do with it.

Well, let me splain. Two simple facts will allow even podunk newb detectives to solve the first mystery.

  • I never work on Friday (except for fixing dinner).
  • Today is Thursday

Feeling pretty good about yourselves now aren’t you? Always my great joy to help others feel good about themselves. Really. Ask anyone.

So then, that leaves the question about why the awesome picture right?

Well Sherlock, I already answered that. It’s awesome. It has no need to have any other purpose does it?

And so, on to the real point of this post, which is to announce with great anticipation that my son, Troy, has some plans to contribute around here! That’s right. It won’t just be me wandering through these empty pages anymore. I spoke with him last night at some length (he called to wish me happy birthday. Likely his mom made him do it). 

We had a great conversation. He inspired me to get involved again with a few projects I thought I was the only one to know about. It’s funny that… I had a real need at the time to be encouraged, or at least to make myself believe there was somebody that had an interest in something I was doing. It made me feel good and gave me motivation to redouble my efforts. Of course, the truth is I really only do stuff I want to do these days anyway, which is really very nice.

So, I have some cool projects. So much to do. My old friend Nancy (not that Nancy is old, just that she’s been a friend for a long time) is going to help out with developing a diet aspect for the site (Keto centric). I’m trying to convince her to make some podcasts with me but she is less than confident. Still, I persist.

I am going to invest in top notch recipe software for the site and hopefully (big stretch here) get my wonderful wife, Alice, to participate in curating some recipes and selecting the style and organization and such.

I want to get back to some writing. On one hand, some serious work on my epic, Soul Diner, and on a lighter note, with the tale of Persnicket, a young girl who discovers she is really from a far away place where time runs on a different frequency. She has been orphaned here in our world as a way to protect her until she is ready to claim her heritage.

So many other things going on. A new podcast (sorta) episode of Tapper Tantrums is on my mind, along with an idea for a follow up book. So much to do. Life is grand.


See you Monay! 

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