000 – Aveena Scraps

Status – Idea under development and review. 5 – 8 example pages written. Recording of same.


Overall-The idea is to set the stage for a series of books, with the eventual outcome being the overthrow of the Orcish evil invaders and the return of Aveena to its historical structure. Moreover, the ascension of Princess Zoey to her rule of Breavia (BREE AYE VIA). The series goal should be met in a series of 3 books, each with both a progression in the primary story and a specific ‘attainable’ goal within the individual book.


Book 1: Princess Zoey and the Staff of Elenora

Elenora, Zoey’s mother the queen, is dead on introduction and her father, Silas Landon, the King, is in battle, being overrun by an army of orcs and other foul creatures. Zoey is born during this battle as her mother dies, and is whisked away to ‘earth’ by Rutherford, the queen’s turpid.

  • It is the queen herself that instructed Rutherford in this matter, though that is unknown.

The king is a shapeshifter (druid) and the queen is a mage. Zoey will have traits and abilities from each class.

Zoey is deposited in an orphanage on earth, where time runs at a standstill compared to Aveena.


Plot points.

The first chapter must begin with an introduction to Zoeys current life in order to set the tone and attract the young readers targeted. The ‘Fall of Yardossi’ should be introduced via Zoeys receipt of the book. Zoeys friends and acquaintances on earth should mirror those she develops on Aveena in terms of personality traits.

  • Zoey has certain interests and ‘pulls’ resultant of who she is. She loves to read and has a vivid imagination
  • She is not happy in the orphanage and is often in trouble
    • A champion of the girls causes results in her constant punishment?
  • Tiffen and Wejamar must determine where Zoey is by tracking down Rutherford, and/or being approached by him.
  • Tiffen must begin to prepare Zoey to accept who she is and return to Aveena
  • Zoey must orient herself to her new world and be exposed to a series of tests to determine her ‘class’
  • Zoey must hone her skills as both a shapeshifter and a mage
  • Zoey learns of the loss of her mothers staff
  • Zoey determines to retrieve her mothers staff.
  • Zoeys ‘friends’ in questing are Tiffen, Bugar, and Rafael, a boy discovered/rescued during the quest for the staff.


Ideas – Zoey should be an avid reader with a strong attraction to mythical creatures, and also should accidentally shapeshift her first time in danger or great need. She should be well versed in many mythical creatures.



Zoey – Zoe (Spelling loses the y when not addressing the young ‘pre-awareness’ girl)

Curious, intelligent (good with puzzles and abstract), impatient and sometimes reckless, fearless & brave.



Web Presentation numbering

000 < 100 – Pages of information, resources, and preamble

100 < 200 – Primary earth before Zoe goes to Aveena

200 < 300 – Preparation on Aveena

300 < 400 – Book 1 adventure

400+ – afterglow and setup book 2

Scene 1

War rages. The king falls back to the upper reaches of the castle and finds his wife dead, his newborn daughter in the hands of her loyal turpin, who executes her final wish by opening a misty portal and disappearing through it with the girl. His wifes wand is taken with him or left behind and hidden by the king, later stolen, becoming the first great task, the Wand of Elenora. The King, a mighty druid, turns to a bear and roars as he makes his final (?) stand against the attackers, led by Dagalur, the minion of Ulkaur.


Scene 2

Zoey, the princess, in an orphanage at about 10-12, lives a quiet but dull life until she is approached by Tiffen, the Persnicket, and returned to Aveena. Perhaps Tiffen is detained by the orphanage and Zoey must help her escape?

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000 – Aveena Scraps

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