002 – The Songs of Aveena

The major epoch that begins our first story of Aveena involves the confluence of 3 major events:

  • The birth of Princess  Zoey
  • The death of her parents, a beloved King and Queen.
  • The loss of the Staff of Elenora, a powerful artifact.

The ‘Winds’, as they are called in Aveena, are little more than a fable to most, but well known realities to those among the culture that slip through the fabric of space and time and ride these winds to the channels of far distant worlds.

 At the critical time in which our story begins, a long period of peace and stability is failing. A powerful mage queen dies giving birth just an hour before her husband, a major king, falls in battle.  The only chance for any of the ancient prophecies to come to pass is if the princess can survive long enough to fulfill them. As the song of the prophecy, ‘Princess of the Winds’ long ago predicted, the child is sent away to spend her childhood in a world far different than her own. She would be raised in a different channel. Earth.

Princess of the Winds

In Breavia, in times of old, when kings reined proud and true,
a queen lies dead near battlefields where payments have come due.
And war will rage as all our hopes are cast upon the winds, where darkness spreads its awful lies, calamity begins.

So onward tired friend of fair

So onward in the night

We’ll push against the cruel and dark and blind them in the light

That child they threw upon the winds returns again in time
and all foretold will come to pass and victory be mine
So spare your sorrow, hold your tears, and sing with all your faith
and we will have her, victory, and all she does embrace

So hail my fellow, give your all
No fear will turn the day
Fight on until the darkness fails,
and light has found the way

The winds will carry every note, and every tune foretold
and all the music has its story waiting to unfold
Tis even at that darkest hour, when everything is cost

that past will come to present, in the future we once lost

So drain your glass and lift your voice

and let your heart not quail

The present will be past in time and goodness will prevail.

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002 – The Songs of Aveena

by Richard Crossley time to read: 2 min
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