004 – Introduction: Local orphan girl kidnapped by bug!

Alright, let me confess from the get go. Kidnapping might have been a bit strong. There was no real evidence or reason to think she was actually taken against her will. And the idea that a tiny bug could take her does seem incredulous.

But, that said, she was a local orphan girl, and she was seen talking to what certainly seemed to be a small bug just before she disappeared. And that, my friend, is accurate. I know. I was there and I saw it. That’s why I wrote that story those several years ago, and I stand by it now.

As a reporter, it was my job to tell others, though given what I suffered through I might well choose differently if I had it to do over. It was pretty much the end of my career with the paper. If not for eventually getting the whole story, it may have been the end of my sanity as well.

Anyway, I’m not saying anyone has to believe it. I know it happened, and that’s enough for me. I share it simply because it is an amazing story of possibilities, and with the hope it may enlighten others, as it did me.

You may find the going a bit easier if you will allow yourselves a little freedom of thought. Consider, if you can, that all our world travels, functions, and exist within a specific bandwidth. A frequency range. We are well accustomed to cell phones, radio, microwave, AM, FM, radar, etc. All these operate invisibly, either naturally or because we made it so, within bandwidths. A set of frequencies we defined or reserved for them, or found them in. Now consider this.

Entire universes are organized the same way, placed within their own bandwidth and operating at their own set frequencies. AND, it is possible to ride the ‘ether waves’ between these universes!

It was, and is, to one of these other worlds that our local orphan girl belongs. She was only hidden here in our world, on our earth, to protect her until such times were accomplished on her world that she could, and in fact must, return. 

I don’t regret a single moment of the years I have spent to discover this story. I only hope you keep your mind open on the adventure..

Oh, and keep your hands inside your coat pockets.

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004 – Introduction: Local orphan girl kidnapped by bug!

by Richard Crossley time to read: 2 min
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