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So, Aveena lives, but dang it, you can’t present pieces in helter skelter order and expect to understand!

After talking to my son, Troy, the other day, I have once again returned to thoughts of this story, pieces that haunt me and demand to be told. So, it’s time, to start putting the story together one piece at a time, in order.

If you are up to it, this is the portal. From here on, it’s just the story, each piece in order, with no side dishes or links back home.

I can’t promise anything with regard to how fast the story unfolds. I can only share what I know.

Here’s my latest plan, set out this way to present content as it is somewhat ready, to hedge against the potential of it never really being finished. I intend to ‘tell’ the story, filling in parts with the content that is already completed, and making a framework such that I can constantly add pieces as I learn them.

You might look at this process as the overview or summary of the complete story, which over time fattens up with ever more detail and content. Anyway, that’s the plan.

I hope to provide each piece with audible narration, so, if you are interested in lending your voice to this production, please do let me know!


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by Richard Crossley time to read: 1 min