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A Bit about the Ageless Man

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Being the group owner for the Writer’s Wrench, I thought perhaps an introduction was in order so folks could get an idea of who I am and what the group is about. Although the group serves writing in general, its primary focus is on developing scripts, or more properly, screenplays. As I learned many years ago, they are a beast that requires not just the ability to create a story and put it into words, but also great discipline in format. As I quickly learned with my first peer reviewed work, it ain’t no novel.

A young man, his pregnant wife beside him and in labor, frantically pulls to the curb in his expensive automobile, stops beside two men at the corner.

One of the men is a heart surgeon, dressed expensively and professionally. The other, an ugly little man in stained work clothes.

“Where is the nearest hospital?” the young man blurts.

The doctor pulls a pad from his pocket and begins writing instructions to the hospital he attends, seven miles away. The ugly man points across the street to the public emergency center. The Point? That’s for you to discover.

I have reviewed, analyzed, and critiqued over 1,000 scripts, from every level of talent in every genre. From novices just starting in the art, to Black List films that optioned for 6 figures. I am a writer of published works and have optioned scripts. I am not famous, but I am experienced and have worked for multiple agencies as a script analysis, the person you must get through first if you are to ever have hope of seeing your work come to fruition. I have studied writing, and provided hundreds of well received reviews.

With all that said, script analysis is always opinion, and the only one that ultimately counts is the person with the money to produce your work.

What might make my opinion of value is the knowledge and experience that forms it, and my relentless dedication to following a criteria that provides for maximum objectivity.

I very much look forward to robust participation in the group and invite you to peruse the Writer’s Wrench blogs.

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I learned to write scripts and I loved it. Not just the writing. The learning. Now I try and help others.

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