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Thanksgiving Reflections 2020
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Polly don’t need no cracker It’s going to be a very peculiar Thanksgiving this year;in many respects just another day …

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Four Generations
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Polly don’t need no cracker Despite getting started early, I thought I would never make it! I mean, I always …

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Posting YouTube Videos

Polly don’t need no cracker First thing I am going to do is “Upload an Image” using the “Browse” button …

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Featured Image & Youtube video in post.

First of all, the “Add Media” button above seems to be somewhat role dependent. The picture above, I got from …

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Hard time figuring out how to post right

I want to include a youtube video… Tried above by clicking add media and then ‘insert from url’  

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Where the book submissions?

How I get rewards and such like?  

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We don’t need no stinkin badge

Polly don’t need no cracker

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Things every member should know

Registration requires a valid email, and requires you to validate it by responding to the email we send you. Your …

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MeWe and you

Polly don’t need no cracker If you watched the Fear Facebook video in the left sidebar and got freaking chills, …

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I always wanted…

Polly don’t need no cracker Since I was a little girl I have wanted to travel the world, but it …

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Dude I lost my entire freakin poem because I had no url in profile

Polly don’t need no cracker Yeah, I got your poen right here.

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adult happy sportsman hitting ball with head

I’m liking this app

Polly don’t need no cracker I think this whole peepso app suite is pretty strong. It’s very easy to set …

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