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Richard C. Crossley

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Richard was born in the dry heat of Maricopa county in Phoenix Arizona back in the early 50’s. If asked “when did you decide to be a writer”, he will almost invariably respond, “who the *&$# wants to be a writer?”. But he gets these crazy ideas and sometimes they find their way to paper… or screen, or whatever.

Now semi-retired and old enough that everything hurts if you move it too fast, Richard does what he has always done when it comes to spare time… follows his desires and imaginations, pouring himself into whatever grabs his interest. This leads to making websites, writing programs, poetry, novels, or screenplays, studying scripture, or trying the impossible. Richard takes what he calls the spiral path in learning and experiencing, often returning to previous interests in regular cycles and pursuing it to the exclusion of other important things until something else demands his notice.

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Contribution(s) from Richard C. Crossley:

  • Zombody to Love
    Fiction / Book and Script -- Comedy, Horror, Romance, and Adult
    Available as: Audible, eBook, and Paperback

  • G O A D
    Fiction / Book -- Horror, Mystery, and Thriller
    Available as: Audible, eBook, and Paperback

  • Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon
    Fiction / Film -- Action/Adventure, Drama, and Horror
    Available as: Video

  • Nightmares
    Fiction / Film -- Horror, Suspense, and Thriller
    Available as: Video

  • Shemnock Helms & Dentist Botsun in the Mysterious Case of the Odditot Family
    Fiction / Book -- Childrens, Comedy, Crime, and Mystery
    Available as: Audible, eBook, and Paperback

  • B U M S
    Fiction / Film -- Comedy and Satire
    Available as: Video

  • Maniacal
    Fiction / Script -- WIP
    Available as: PDF

  • F A D E
    Fiction / Script -- Action/Adventure and Thriller
    Available as: PDF

  • Chinese Connection
    Fiction / -- Action/Adventure, Crime, Thriller, and WIP
    Available as: PDF