Kingdom of the Ancient Sphere

Ruler of the first frequency



Yes, Aveena exist. It must. Failing that, there is no reason to believe in it.

So I return again to thoughts of putting this story into some container more reliable than my own mind. It’s not so easy. The story isn’t done, and even the past evolves. But it is time to make an effort. Maybe, like the Roland of the tower, I will take years just to get back to the start. But I don’t have years, so it may well be someone else that finishes the tale. Maybe you.

From this portal I will tell the story I know, the questions I still pursue, the sources I have gathered, and the conclusions I entertain. I know little from the start. I can’t promise anything.

This approach may, at least, be a hedge against the potential of the whole story never being told. I can add pieces as I learn them.

You might look at this process as the overview or summary of the complete story, which over time fattens up with ever more detail and content. Anyway, that’s my plan.

I hope to provide each piece with audible narration. Should you be inclined to assist in that regard, you know how to reach me.

The Real Story of Zoe & the Persnicket

Some believe and some don’t. But I know. I’ll confess from the get go that kidnapping might have been a bit strong. There was no real evidence or reason to think she was actually taken against her will. And the idea that a tiny bug could make her go does seem incredulous.

But, that said, she was an orphan girl, and she was seen talking to what certainly appeared to be a small bug just before she disappeared. And that, my friend, is accurate. I saw it for myself. That’s why I told that story those several years ago, and I stand by it now.

If there have been other tales told than I don’t guess it’s my job to say if they did or didn’t really happen. I told what I knew and I might well choose differently if I had it to do over. It was pretty much the start of the curiosity and the end of my peace and quiet. If I don’t just tell the whole story I know, it might be the end of my sanity too.

Anyway, I’m not saying anyone has to believe it. I know it happened, and that’s enough for me. I share it simply because it’s an amazing story of possibilities, and I hope it may enlighten others, as it did me.

There is something you have to know, or at least have some faith in, to ever accept this story could happen. It took me a while to get my head around it, until Wegamon  compared the concept to radio or television.

Those signals, all those various stations, are all there around us constantly, though unseen. We assign each a particular frequency to operate in so we can use that invisible space. That’s not exactly true, but close enough for our purposes. This infinite space just is, and we devise ways to operate within it by utilizing the frequency’s particular attributes to serve us.


Now, consider this. All of our worlds, everything we know, the entire cosmos within our perception, travels, functions, and exists within a specific bandwidth! A defined range of frequency. And… Get this…

“Other entire realities are organized the same way, placed within their own bandwidth and existing in their own frequency range. If that doesn’t blow your mind, consider that it’s possible to ride the ‘ether waves’ between these realities!

I know, right? It staggers the mind, but it’s true. Once you have traveled across  alternative worlds, nothing seems impossible again.”

It was, and is, to one of these other worlds that our local orphan girl truly belongs. She was only hidden here in our world, on our earth, to protect her until such times were accomplished on her world that she could, and in fact must, return. I don’t regret a single moment of the journey. I only hope you keep your mind open on the adventure… and keep your hands in your pockets.

Zoe had indeed a grand day on that first entry to her journal. Much grander than she knew! Bugar would indeed prove to be important, but perhaps even more so was this spark of enlightenment. What spark you may ask? The Ladybug of course. This was not the first time it visited, nor the first time Zoe saw it. But, it was the first time they had merged. It has a name. The name is Tiffen!