Our first ever“PROMISING WRITER Award could be you!

Gapoz Press

and it’s Membership is pleased to present our


Award to

John Q. Writer

for their member reviewed and selected work

“Kids Irritate Me!”

Congratulations, and good luck finding a spouse that wants kids.


Meet the Gapoz Press Promising Writer

John Q. Writer

It’s true. In late 2024 we will award our first “Promising Writer award! Winners will bask in the spotlight for at least a month. This very  space will contain the title of the winning work and a composite review based on the coverage submitted by our members.

Participating members (free) submit work for review and analysis by their peers. All submissions with a minimum of 3 reviews are eligible for consideration. A specific work can only win once.

Submissions must meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • A complete short story.
  • A full chapter from a completed novel.
  • A complete screenplay. 

Members review detail in several areas, including characters, premise, pace, dialog, story logic, writing skills, etc. Our mission is to help one another become stronger writers.

Were this truly our winner, rather than a placeholder for design, the above would be an awesome picture of our winning writer, and this would be an official published review.

Scroll to see the other benefits of winning! A published interview, display of your cover, author BIO with social media share buttons, and an authors spot to list your other works, plans, and ideas.

Let's get some answers!

Gapoz Interviews John Q. Writer

The interviewer will formulate between 8 and 14 questions and the answers solicited from the winner. This text box does not appear on winner’s page. Instead, this space will contain a call to action to the book or author home page or sales page. If the entry is a book, the picture opposite will be the cover.

I can do that I think. Shall I be pretentious and pretend to be like, I dunno, all knowing with regard to writing. Self absorbed maybe? Have you got a pipe I can pretend to borrow? You’ll have to light it for me. I have no hands. Shall I really push it as if I was well known and doing you a big favor by being here?

umm. You know I didn’t write GOAD, right? I mean, that’s your book. I hoped we would talk about my book here?

Well, I have done a number of works, but the one that I submitted for review on Gapoz Press, that won me this awesome reward, is “Kids irritate me”

Not at all. It’s written for adults that are considering having children. A plea of sorts to reconsider. I talk about all the ways the little rug squatters will mess up your life and irritate you.

I love children. With a little salt. haha. Get it?

It should. It’s from your very own clever book titled “Shemnock Helms and the Odditot kids” or something like that. I thought since this whole thing is just a place holder, maybe I would try and get some brownie points.

It was easy once I realized I was you. You writers are a bit freaky…

No problem. I wasn’t really doing anything else anyway, except reading about everyone else’s success and being discouraged. This really helped cheer me up.

I love life (Winner's clever wittism)

About John

Here will be presented a short writer BIO,  of our winner, complete with social sharing buttons.

Here would appear Jason's one line description of Why he/she loves to Write

John Writer's favorite quote here

At last, this spot is reserved for the winner to put whatever they would like to add about themselves, their work, their hopes, plans, past success, etc. Winner may submit up to 500 words and can include 2 images and up to 4 links.

At the end of the winner’s reign, their page will be archived with a new link and attached to their author account.

Note there is no cash prize for winning, but neither is there any expense in participating. It’s about helping each other become better writers, and the true reward is just that, becoming a better writer and helping others do the same.

How can YOU become a part?  Check it out. It’s free.