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Becoming an Author/Reviewer

HOW CAN YOU become a better writer and help others do the same.

With a system that works like this.

  • Members request works within their desired genre(s) and type(s).
  • Members read and assess the work within a prescribed time frame.
  • Members submit their analysis, rating the work in a number of specific categories with the guidance of a rubric to help be as objective and thorough as possible.

So far so good, at least for the writer who receives valuable insight, objective analysis, and a “nutshell review” for public use that focuses primarily on the strongest aspects of your work.

But what does the member doing the analysis receive? POINTS. And what can they do with their points? SPEND them to get their work assigned!

On top of that, each month the top authors and reviewers are recognized and rewarded with published interviews and other rewards TBD.

Our concern is this. Helping story tellers that embark on the path of authoring a book or script, do the best they can, and that starts with writing well. Becoming a writer is more than just scribbling down words in the same way you might relate a story to friends while shooting pool. It is a craft. A skill which can be learned and polished to a great extent.

“Rules” for writing are not designed to break your spirit, but to free it.

What I am looking for is a small group that can see the purpose and help focus the vision, participating in the creation and operation of the system, even if that means just being one of the foundational users. There’s no experience or skill set required to help. If you are a writer, or want to be, then you know what desire is. That’s all we need.

 If that’s you, then let’s get started. It’s all free, except for your effort! If you would like to be one of the few, the crazy, the writers… then fill out the form below.

Still not ready to help or participate? Consider this. It seems everyone has stories to tell, and in this age of easy self publishing with virtually no expense, more and more stories are out there to be feasted on!

That’s awesome!

But it does come with a dark side too, like most things. It used to be you had to be a good writer and put in a lot of effort to get published. Or, you could be a crappy writer and take the shortcut of money, having your book published at your own expense. This was, and is, called vanity printing. It usually resulted in a big box of books sitting in your basement.

Now, with self published books on demand from the mighty amazon and others, you can get almost anything published, having only to meet the most bare technical aspects of format. As for the quality of your writing, truth is, it is of little concern to amazon. That’s awesome too, because it gives almost everyone an even playing field. A chance. The down side? Let’s not sugarcoat it. The market is flooded with crap and an entire cottage industry is finding new ways to make sure it still cost you. Books, and readers, that look no further than an enticing cover. With ebook prices so low it really doesn’t matter to most folks if it turns out to be a waste.

As any writer knows, writing the book, story, screenplay, poem, or whatever, is the battle your spirit insist you fight. It’s the desire that moves you to action. Actually selling the book is a whole different story. Few authors really enjoy much about marketing strategies and such, but realize that at some point they have to explore that path if making money is their intent. We will try and expand in every area we can to educate and help writers produce work they can be proud of, and sell it. But that starts with the first project, that focuses primarily on that singular necessity for each of us. Becoming a better writer. Learning to write well.

Even more specifically, what we hope to do is provide a platform to like minded writers who are willing to honestly and thoughtfully assess the efforts of their peers in the most objective perspective, with the hope of providing insight and help to each other. Pointing out weaknesses with an honest desire to help someone improve and grow stronger will do more for them than clicking a ‘thumbs up’ on their page. And accepting honest criticism of your own work will be of far greater value than having more visitors to your page but nothing of quality to give them.

There is much work yet to be done in the mechanics of fairly managing this idea, but in general the operation will work as described at the top. You put in effort to help others and in return gain from them.

Honestly, having professionally reviewed at least 1000 screenplays, I can testify that I have learned as much from reviewing them as having my own work reviewed.

The ability to set this operation in motion in a basic and raw form is very close, but there is MUCH else to consider, develop, and implement.

Other ways to help. Follow the Writer’s Wrench forum  at l’urinoir and request an invite to join ‘The Writer’s Wrench’ group to share ideas and opinions.


About the author: Richard
Retired developer, author, father of 5.