Blinking means pause…

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Blinking means pause…

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We had the great pleasure of our son Troy’s visit during Christmas. He spent 8 hours driving up to see us, arriving late Christmas eve, and of course had to start home before dinner on Christmas day. I’m fairly certain he had to spend more time driving than visiting, especially considering we had to let him get some sleep while he was here.

One of the great gifts I appreciated was getting to listen to him and our youngest son, Dillon, play some music for us. It is always one of my favorite things. I went and fetched my cool Zoom recorder and we sat back and listened to them play for a couple hours. It was awesome and a treasured memory. It will have to remain as just a memory though, relived with only the power of recollection, since the little red light on the Zoom patiently flashed the entire time, in pause mode, waiting for me to give it the go ahead.

By the time I had discovered this heart crushing fact, Dillon had left, it was late night (early morning type late night), and everyone was exhausted. This was I suppose especially true for Troy, but never the less, I prevailed upon him to spend another couple hours, albeit alone now. His voice betrayed how tired he was, but I didn’t care. This time I caught it all, and in the background, if all is as planned, you can hear a very small piece of it. The rest of it I may edit for future posts, but more likely, I’ll keep for myself.

If I discover it doesn’t play here as it should, I’ll post it elsewhere.


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