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Script Analysis Matrix
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We. Gapoz productions, are building here a new structure within our family and social site, specifically designed to help one another in our creative pursuits. Writing, including novels and scripts, videos, and music are all to be provided a means to allow members to review and analyze your work, with the sole purpose of helping... Read more

Welcome to the Writer’s Wrench
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FADE IN: EXT. GARAGE - DAY The open door of the garage is a black hole in the blinding sun. The READER, talented, imaginative, determined but inexperienced, warily approaches. A huge storyboard consumes the center of the garage. The legs and feet of an AGELESS MAN extend from under the board. They twitch as he... Read more

Mixing Story Types
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I have talked before about the idea of a 'contract of expectations'. This is not a brilliant new idea of my own, but simply a phrase I latched on to, that may reasonably be called something else, and no doubt is. My epiphany of understanding this concept came from a book by Orson Scott Card,... Read more

3 Acts. Does it make sense?
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As usual, take what sticks, feels right, and helps you become a better writer, and leave the rest... pretend I didn't even say it.I have seen articles about 4 act stories, 5 acts, hell, 7 acts! What's the poor viewer to do when talking about the movie with his friends?Todd: "Remember that 6th murder? That... Read more

Review Show
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Site Review Portion shortcode for user id [su_user field="display_name" default="" before="" after="" user_id="" filter=""] Full site review [site_reviews] Specific post by ID (Asian Connection) [site_reviews assigned_posts="13952"] There are also codes for assigned users (may be quite needed) and assigned terms (the category of review) Can also be limited to stars and such Reviews Summary full... Read more

Type “O” Character. Is that an Arc I see?
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Characters have to arc, right? The Protagonist has to be a good guy? Trying to stay within these two simple sounding boundaries can really stifle your creativity can't it? What if your character isn't even that damn important to you, and you don't feel like having him change? You can't tell a story then?How often... Read more

What a character he was
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Navigating the 'rules' you encounter in learning the craft of writing screenplayscan be a little frustrating, to say the least.. Some people love rules, some hate them. Researching the 'rules' can often lead to any conclusion you seek, if you want to build support for your actions. Contradictions seem to abound in terms of specifics,... Read more

Hunt of the Wild Man
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Over the next several weeks this blog will address a number of basic issues for aspiring screenwriters. This post is more of an introduction to me and how I got the bug myself. It was in the very early 70s that I wrote and produced this 8mm masterpiece. I had been given a camera by... Read more

Things every member should know
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Registration requires a valid email, and requires you to validate it by responding to the email we send you. Your request for membership will be deleted if not validated within 4 hours. We will soon be adding a unique review section designed to allow our author to review specific pieces of their work, aimed at... Read more

Zoe’ Diary – Page1
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Zoe - 018810. Age 6. Okay, so a diary is all about ones personal journal, right? Then explain how it is I was only introduced to the idea of a journal when somebody felt like it was in their best interest for me to do so? And I’m supposed to start the recording at 3... Read more

The Real Story of Zoe & the Persnicket
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Some believe and some don’t. But I know. I’ll confess from the get go that kidnapping might have been a bit strong. There was no real evidence or reason to think she was actually taken against her will. And the idea that a tiny bug could make her go does seem incredulous. But, that said,... Read more