Crossley Endeavors – Media

The extended family is invited and encouraged to submit any and all media, whether written, filmed, recorded, or photographed!

Todays Media Highlights!

From ‘The Turntable’

From our ‘In the attic’ collection I have dusted off this old Smule effort by none other than Amber Crossley.

From ‘The Tube’

In keeping with the zombie theme, we feature a short from the way back era. This was a spur of the moment project. Joking about how slow and dumb zombies of the time were, we decided to make a little spoof.

From ‘The Word’

Zombody to Love has been professionally recorded and is available on! As an introduction special, a total of 10 copies are available in both the U.S. and U.K. regions for FREE!

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Currently, all entries written by Richard Crossley. “Mother Remembered” is printed in the hardcopy collection: “Priceless Treasures”

Asian Connection

An organized crime operation has the police chasing drugs when a much larger danger is at the root. Asian Connection Type: Fiction Media: Script Genre(s):

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Aveena is a place, and in a way, a time. Perhaps long ago, perhaps yet to be. What is known is that there is a

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A little afternoon fun some years ago. Not intended to offend or make any political statement. It was just for fun. We used to have

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