Born Stupid… but wrote a book!

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Born Stupid… but wrote a book!


It was never the intention of Darius Arbunkle to become a fisherman. He hated fish. They stank, and it was smell he could never seem to get off his skin. But a fisherman is what he became anyway… Because, he was Born Stupid.


Coming to Amazon soon.

Okay, that part was just to pique your curiosity and make you look. So, Made ya look. What I really wanted to do, in the spirit of helping out of course, is to demonstrate just how easy it is to post yourself a nice little Book add, complete with your book cover and everything you could want folks to know. Call it a pattern if you will. No, please. Do it. This area you’re reading would be where you tell about the book.

Sell it!

Don’t just make me want to read it. Convince me that I NEED to read it and I need to do it now. If you can’t capture me in your blurb, you’ll never have the chance to do it in your book.


About the author: Alice Kincaid
I have been a nurse and administrative assistant at Shepard for some time now. I generally enjoy the work, except when Dale is in a pissy mood. My only tru patient friend here is Russell, though I get along well with many.

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