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Zoe’ Diary – Page1
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Zoe - 018810. Age 6. Okay, so a diary is all about ones personal journal, right? Then explain how it is I was only introduced to the idea of a journal when somebody felt like it was in their best interest for me to do so? And I’m supposed to start the recording at 3... Read more

The Real Story of Zoe & the Persnicket
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Some believe and some don’t. But I know. I’ll confess from the get go that kidnapping might have been a bit strong. There was no real evidence or reason to think she was actually taken against her will. And the idea that a tiny bug could make her go does seem incredulous. But, that said,... Read more

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So, Aveena lives, but dang it, you can't present pieces in helter skelter order and expect to understand! After talking to my son, Troy, the other day, I have once again returned to thoughts of this story, pieces that haunt me and demand to be told. So, it's time, to start putting the story together... Read more