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Gapoz offers much for public consumption, but there is so much more to see and do! Members have access to ‘The Street’, a Facebook like community of creatives and appreciators that share a love for writing, music, and other creative endeavors. Members may follow friends, create private groups, make blog posts to share with the public, and in the Writer's Wrench group; even upload stories in pdf. Our intention is to keep reasonable control over the SIZE of our communities, rather than their private and/or individual beliefs and expression.

Membership is always free, but since size is balanced with performance we do sometimes shut the doors to new members until capacity can be increased. We value active members. So the doors open and close. When they are closed, new members must be invited. Other times, like now, the doors are open and you may become a member simply by signing up and verifying your email.

Use the registration link and join us!