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[Sticky] Introduction to Crossley Endeavors and the community features available.

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First of all, welcome, and thanks for visiting. Before anything else, might I recommend that you 'subscribe to this topic' below, as I suspect it will be updated frequently, at least for a while.

Crossley Endeavors is a mixed site, the non membership aspects centered mostly around myself (Gapoz) and my family. It is much like other personal sites, containing a number of blogs and various media. These include Youtube videos, music performed by bands my children are in, and books, poems, and stories written by family members. These non-member pages and posts are available via the 'Library' and 'Media' links on the header menu as well as the 'Select Blog' widget from the right side page column, which lists all the categories of blogs via a drop down list.

The 'Community Blog' link will display posts our members share. Creating such posts becomes your privilege as a member also.

Take a moment to Join us and as a member you can:

  • Join and Create groups
  • Make and follow friends
  • Comment on posts and Activities
  • Create polls
  • Upload photos and create albums
  • Insert videos
  • Participate in the forums!

For a comprehensive list of features and how to best utilize them, watch for chapter 2 of this posting.


Posted : 12/11/2020 12:59 pm