Hidden Words

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Hidden Words

We are happy to add this new feature to our site for your enjoyment. This “find the hidden words” puzzle is made with a cool little program that allows them to be built from a browser and organized into projects. That means that groups and members will be able to make their own! You can select the puzzle you want from the dropdown list. If you have an interest in creating some of these, please drop us a line and we’ll get you set up!

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Find these words in the riddle: {{crosswordData.description}}

Difficulty level {{crosswordData.level+1|localeNumber}}
Word directions: only to the right and down any, including diagonal and backwards
List of words that should be found: visible before found hidden before found

Mark the words:

You have found {{count.solution|localeNumber}} of {{count.words|localeNumber}} words You have found all {{count.words|localeNumber}} words!

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The marked word {{message.word | joinWord}} is not part of the solution.

Congratulation, you have solved the riddle!Congratulation, you have solved the riddle in {{message.time | duration}}!

You have found {{message.solution|localeNumber}} of {{message.words|localeNumber}} hidden words during the alloted time.

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