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My first assignment is for the kids

I really really like this dress, and was wearing it while I read to my little nephew. He seemed very interested.

My Overall Rating is a 5/Excellent


Absolutely lovely rhymes and plenty of content for older children. Hand made illustrations.

Premise Rank: 5/Excellent

A bird gets tired of being alone

Structure Rank: 4/Good

I think the big challenge is when somebody steals their shit.

Character(s) Rank: 5/Excellent

I liked everyone but the snake.

Conflict Rank: 5/Excellent

It had some real moments of near panic.

Dialog Rank: 5/Excellent

Very well done for animal speak.

Pacing Rank: 5/Excellent

keeps moving at a brisk walk

Story Logic Rank: 3/Average


Originality Rank: 4/Good

I never read anything quite like it.

Writing Ability Rank: 5/Excellent


Story Logic Rank: 4/Good

Except for the one thing I mentioned, awesome.

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