Fat Greek Steak Pita

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Fat Greek Steak Pita

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No offense to anyone. I’m fat. I like some Greek seasoning on this. End of story.

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Cuisine: American, Mediterranean, and Mexican

Course: Main Course

Method: Stove Top

Diets: Keto and LCHP


1 – 2 lbs. Top sirloin or Tenderloin (my preference)

3 Tbsp Butter (2 will do if you’re watching cals and fat)

4-6 Tbsp total oil (Canola, or my favorite, olive)

1 tsp oregano (dry is fine)

1 tsp Greek seasoning

  • For the Greek – I like the Konriko, but you can use whatever the local has; McCormick or Cavenders are both fine. You can also go in different directions replacing this seasoning all together, but here we’ll stick with Greek!)

1 Large onion (I like to use a huge sweet onion. You may need 2 of smaller varieties)

Optional (I use both these options)

1 Bell pepper (your choice of color)

6-10 medium mushrooms (I like the little portabellas)


Cook it all up



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