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She’s young. A teenager at most. Her jet-black hair is an ink spot in the night. The man tenderly combs the hair from her face with rough fingers. He sits back on his haunches and stares at her. After several minutes he plays his last piece of the night’s symphony, a series of deep choking sobs.

3 thoughts on “FixMe”

  1. “We need to be open to everyone or we’re as bad as them.” Felicia said.
    “I don’t think being careful makes us creeps.” I told her. “He’s going to be trouble we don’t need.”
    Six months later, after Felicia and I split, Gary proved me right.
    “You should have gone with her, Gary.” I told him before she was fully out of sight. “Nobody going to excuse your bullshit now.”
    “We’ll see what the mobs have to say about who leads” he told me before turning away.
    I don’t know what the others might have agreed with, but waking with the pickaxe in my skull made it clear we won’t be reconciling..

  2. Spencer avatar Spencer says:

    “Seriously, Stephen. This could be the mother lode! People have been yakkin about this for ages. Terrifying green mist? Seriously? There’s something hidden in there. Something damn valuable.” Tilly said.
    Stephen had never seen his partner so excited. “You ain’t buying the evil beasts or sudden madness then?”

    1. Rick avatar Oz says:

      Nice Spencer. Turning it to a scene with dialog works well here.

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