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Way back in the time machine, while sitting in the study and yakking about some terrible movie we had just watched, we decided we could make a film just as terrible ourselves. We succeeded in that, making quite possibly the worst movie ever that could actually be purchased from the biggest sales site in the world and found on IMDB.

I had the great chance to write the script for it, and the idea behind that script, in the very center of its’ core, was goad. A dark spiritual creature that wanted to experience the physical more than all else, and hated with all his strength those that did live in the flesh. As I said, the movie sucked. The script sucked. It all sucked except for one thing. Doing it as a family. What a blast those 3 months of summer were. We never had an ending, which is a terrible thing to discover while you’re out filming.

Anyway, to get to the point, I eventually wrote Goad as a screenplay, long after we had made our movie with a now long lost ‘script’. Then, just last year, I decided to write a novel, GOAD, that could tell a more complete story of this initial core idea from years ago.

Now, as it’s in final editing, I have mixed feelings, worrying if I get across the character I have so long known. Hoping to provoke thoughts and ideas and concepts that might be entertaining even while sometimes disturbingly near the dark. So I’ delighted it will appear for pre-order by the end of November and be released before Christmas 2020.

My learned daughter, Amber, has been a tremendous help in getting this finalized, and I am very grateful. 🙂

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