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Albert the Albatross’s Amazing Animal Alphabet Adventure

Albert is an Albatross, used to the lonely life of soaring over the ocean waves seeking food. When he decides to search for friends and company, it’s the start of a great adventure. Albert encounters all sorts of creatures, amazingly each found in alphabetical order by both name and type! Albert certainly likes some more than others, and even though he has a wonderful time, at the end of the day he realizes his own life isn’t so bad.

This book is written for a wide young age range. For those that are primarily interested in pictures, the book has a simple rhyme for each animal and can be gone through quickly. For children with a longer attention span, there is a story to follow, and for educational purposes, the electronic version (eBook) has tap areas on every page that provide hidden bonuses and interesting facts. My grandson and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!


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Albert the Albatross’s Amazing Animal Alphabet Adventure
Action/Adventure, Childrens, and Travel

Audible, eBook, and Paperback
Roland Pernicus Oznard