Crossley Endeavors – Media

The extended family is invited and encouraged to submit any and all media, whether written, filmed, recorded, or photographed!

Welcome to the Endeavors media control room. Here you will find the featured media du jour and links to the complete collections. Our videos are directly streamed from Youtube services, where they have been put into a singular collection and presented for your enjoyment. If any family videos are missing, please send me the youtube link and I’ll get them added!

On ‘The Turntable’ you will find all the audio pieces I have been able to locate. Again, if you have family audio in a wave or mp3 format, please send it to me, along with a brief description and I’ll get it in the system.

Lastly, send me family pics so I can get them into some albums. Feel free to include descriptions if desired, and any thoughts on organizing them if you wish, Also, let me know of any specific pictures you want added to the random family shots that appear on headers and side bars. I will crop and size them and get them in rotation.



Todays Media Highlights!

From ‘The Turntable’

From our ‘In the attic’ collection I have dusted off this old Smule effort by none other than Amber Crossley.

From ‘The Tube’

In keeping with the zombie theme, we feature a short from the way back era. This was a spur of the moment project. Joking about how slow and dumb zombies of the time were, we decided to make a little spoof.

Random Family

Crossley Endeavors... Thanks for journeying with us!

Safe Travels

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