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A little afternoon fun some years ago. Not intended to offend or make any political statement. It was just for fun. We used to have that sometimes.... Fun.

Shemnock Helms & Dentist Botsun in the Mysterious Case of the Odditot Family

The first of the Shemnock stories was done as a radio play and can be heard below or from this site's turntable. The Case of the Uninvited Zombie introduces Shemnock and his assistant, Dentist Botsun, as they unwind a mysterious case that revolved around the Halloween party we were preparing for the small office where I worked at the time. Many thanks to my son, Troy, who performed...


In final edit and format phase, GOAD will be available as an eBook and in paperback by the end of the year. It will be produced and available in audible format shortly after the start of the new year. Goad tells the tale of a troubled young doctor who learns he is destined to carry on the role of a gatekeeper, chosen to stand at one of hell's...

Material & Workmanship

I could be totally off the mark on this. It wouldn't be the first time for sure, but the story I got was that Troy came across this old piano and started tinking about with it. He looked up the instruments manufacturer and discovered a bit about them, and the business of making pianos, and obviously a bit about how so many of these proud companies eventually went...

Albert the Albatross’s Amazing Animal Alphabet Adventure

Albert is an Albatross, used to the lonely life of soaring over the ocean waves seeking food. When he decides to search for friends and company, it's the start of a great adventure. Albert encounters all sorts of creatures, amazingly each found in alphabetical order by both name and type! Albert certainly likes some more than others, and even though he has a wonderful time, at the end...

Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon

This is a bad movie. Really bad. So bad it's not even good. But still, it was a blast making it and everyone learned a lot. For 5 bucks, throw it on to your next amazon order and have a few laughs. Nick and Jen Sarbos, traveling cross country for inspiration, stop at a country barn sale 'at the end'. They quickly discover they have stepped into a...


A young boy has trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie. Finally he decides to sleep elsewhere. After considering his parents room, he decides to bunk down on the floor in his brothers room. Nightmares was shot in a few hours and draws heavily on outtakes from Disincarnate to provide the dream sequences used. Indeed, it was in fact those outtakes, and the desire to use them, that...

Zombody to Love

Tapper was a good guy that became a bad guy and started a zombie epidemic while killing good people. As he himself began to change to semidead, halfway between the living and decayed, he became a good person while killing bad folks. There is a twisted humor at work when a soulless killer is the hero of the story, but sometimes near death is like that. Available in...