Mother Remembered

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Mother Remembered

Polly don't need no cracker
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From infancy through childhood, to manhood, where I am,

You gave your every living breath, to help me understand;
That life is more than hunt and peck, nor just a party grand,
and what I do from day to day, shows not all that I am.

You took on all my problems, with love and thought and care,
and all the unseen burdens, you shouldered them as well..

The seeds that you implanted, blossom still in me today,
and all the love you gave me, I still use to light my way..

Now the Lord has given refuge, to a body tired and worn,
and a part of me goes with you, and knows that you are strong..

As I continue watching, through this window called my life,
I’ll see you all around me, and remember all you taught..

To give of love, and thus of life, to all who will partake,
and someday stand beside you, as we view from Heaven’s gate..

About the author: Rick
I'm old. I don't like being old.

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