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We are happy to accept content for review listing on Gapoz. As most know, our members (free membership) already have the ability to create permanent postings with a full range of options, so what exactly is different about this feature? Plenty! We are working to help our creative members share honest and helpful information about how their efforts are interpreted by others. One of the most difficult things about baring forth your creative efforts is always getting some good feedback, before releasing to the public perhaps. We are trying to build a foundation where your works can be selectively reviewed and honestly critiqued by your peers and we hope you will join with us in supporting our authors and creators. We are currently building submission and feedback operations for Music, Scripts, Videos, and Books.

Please carefully review these instructions and check your form input before clicking submit. Remember you are responsible for ensuring you have the right to share the material you submit. retains only the right to remove material from our systems.

Once approved, your Work will appear for review in our listings under the appropriate sections.

Please bear in mind this is a developing system, just like your own efforts. We can use your help in virtually any fashion or form you think you are able. Just drop a note to the

An Owner/Creator record is required. Please review the Owner/Creator tab below for information prior to completing input form..

The actual submitter (you) are responsible for submitted materials and rights claims and hold guiltless in all cases.


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  • Owner/Creator

Important reminders to make your submission smooth.

  • "FEATURED IMAGE" is Required! Upload an image of or about  your book, album, etc. It represents your entry.
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  • The "TITLE" field is the name of the Book, Script, Video, or Song and must be unique in our system. If it is not accepted, please add your initials to the end of the title. Example. You wrote a song called "Strawberry fields forever" so you enter that as the title but it's rejected. (No doubt the Beatles already put it in our system, right?) Your name is John Prine, so try entering a title like "Strawberry fields forever - jp"
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  • The CONTENT TYPE indicates the type of work you are submitting. (Book, video, etc)
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  • The "CONTENT" field should describe the material you are submitting. It is your sales pitch and description. It is NOT the material you want reviewed.
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  • The "MATERIAL LINK" input is not mandatory but can contain a link to where your work can be purchased, and/or a home page for the work.
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  • IMPORTANT! Make sure to Check the "Owner/Creator" tab below before proceeding to form.
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  • The "MATERIAL FOR REVIEW" entry is where you are submitting your work for review and critique. Use the "ADD MEDIA" button to submit the material as an approved file type. Upload written work as a PDF, audio in MP3 format. Video linking to YouTube is preferred but video can be uploaded if required. Contact if you have any issues.
  • All inputs marked with an * are required for successful submission. neither claims nor accepts responsibility or rights to user submitted material(s). All rights remain with the owner(s). You acknowledge this in making submission.

Unlike normal submissions that are attributed directly to the user that provides them, our custom submissions for peer analysis and review are attributed (linked) to special records and BIOs.


  • Allow submission anonymity to potentially provide a higher degree of objectivity in reviews.
  • Most importantly, to allow the use of pen names, band or group names, organizations, etc. If you are Mike Tyson submitting a song from your band, the Ear Nippers, you likely want to credit the work to the Ear Nippers rather than yourself. This allows that to be done. It also provides for the entry of the Ear Nippers biographical data, website, image, etc. and allows all future contributions to be organized. There is no restriction on how many such "Creator" records you may enter, so long as the system is not abused and you have intentions to use them for submitted works.

You should only enter or select names you have a right to use.

If you are unsure if the desired attribution name is in our system, you can check the list of our Registered Authors & Creators. If it isn't on the list, add a new record before proceeding to the next tab since a registered name MUST be selected to submit your work for review.

Got your Artist/Creator in the system? Ready to go? Click the Third Tab!

Note. If you just put a new record in and it doesn't appear on your material submission pick list, refresh the page!

User Material Submission for Review
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    REQUIRED! Book Cover / Artwork / Promo image

  • Type of content uploaded by user

  • Rights Holder (Author/Creator/Musician/Band/Owner)

  • Choose Fiction/Non Fiction if applicable

  • Most relevant categories (Ctrl-Click to choose up to 4)

  • Formats material is or will be available.

  • Who is making this contribution available to the public

  • Date published (may be future date or empty)

  • Material submitted for review. Use "Add Media" button to upload PDF (books/scripts), Audio file, or video link.

  • By submitting this information to you acknowledge that you have the rights to do so, accept all responsibility for the content, and hold harmless for material and presentation.