Olly Olly Nip fer free

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Olly Olly Nip fer free

Polly don't need no cracker
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So this is Olliver. He’s a hot mess of energy in short bursts that seem to drag on for hours. The rest of the time he’s an unbelievably soft and gentle cuddle bug. Fearless. Maybe even senseless. He certainly believes he’s  indestructible.

Olly is a mix between a Burnese Mountain dog papa and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mama. He was born on June 5th this year (2020) and has been with us about a month now. He seems to be very intelligent, quickly learning a number of ‘tricks’.


I’ll be honest. Since my friend Murphy passed I haven’t much wanted to even think about having another dog. Alice did, and so we compromised and got a dog. Olly, like Murphy, is her dog and she has very quickly found herself able to love him. This despite cleaning pee stains, dealing with a puppy’s desire to bite everything, and the almost constant attention he takes to prevent large scale damages to home and family. She spent the first week covered in bites and bruises. As for me, I mostly ignore him and grumble about what a pain in the ass he is and how old people should not even be allowed to have puppies.

That said, we may become friends, if either of us lasts long enough.

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