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Posting YouTube Videos

Polly don't need no cracker
Voiced by Amazon Polly

First thing I am going to do is “Upload an Image” using the “Browse” button below the post box. It should become the Featured Image.

Okay, did that. Now, I am going to post a YouTube Video after this sentence and then describe exactly how I did it.

How it got there.

1: Open another browser window and get to the youtube video you want. Under the video you are playing and want to share, click the share button and then click the “Copy” button that will appear. That will put the link in your buffer. See Fig 1. That’s what you see on YouTube when you click the share button beneath the video.

2: Then come here, to the editor window you will be in when posting and select Insert/Media.

3: Copy the link into the ‘Source’ space and click OK.

That’s it! The crude numbers correlate to the steps. Good luck.

About the author: Alice Kincaid
I have been a nurse and administrative assistant at Shepard for some time now. I generally enjoy the work, except when Dale is in a pissy mood. My only tru patient friend here is Russell, though I get along well with many.

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