Pulling the Sweet Tooth!

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Pulling the Sweet Tooth!

I love the keto diet. It has done wonders for me, and in record time. My first introduction to it’s principles was the Atkins diet. It blew me away. Years later I discovered that the fundamentals of ketosis had been researched long before, There is, or will be soon, much more information on that in other areas of the kitchen.

Let me confess from the start. First of all, everyone is on a ‘diet’. Diet, as a noun, simply represents what we tend to eat. These days we seem to apply ‘diet’ strictly as a verb, to indicate we are actively involved in trying to lose or control our weight. In terms of what we will generally refer to as ‘the keto diet’, I have really only been truly successful in this second application of the word ‘diet’. I have had great success applying the principles to achieve weight loss, but I struggle in terms of regularly living with the strict guidelines and thus controlling my weight long term. Not to mention my stamina, ability to focus, and overall health.

I'm a Sweet tooth Victim

I crave sweets. Even when I’m not actively craving them, I’m thinking about what I’ll sneak when the cravings come. It’s a curse, and not one that I alone suffer. But there is hope! Read on.

Cravings are signs your body needs something.

(Yeah, sweets maybe)

According to my sometimes exasperating and frustrating, but almost always correct diet know it all named Nancy, whom I shall not identify, there are specific causes of these cravings and they can be addressed.


Crave sweets all the time?

Possible cause. Low serotonin, dopamine

5-HTP during the daytime may help. Take it along with a little sun and your body will make serotonin.

If you take it at night, your body will make melatonin and you will sleep deeper. 

Another help:  L-glutamine for tissue recovery (if your gut is messed up and not making serotonin and melatonin etc)

If you have a bad case of cravings, you can open a capsule under the tongue.

(gee, doesn’t that sound delicious)

Crave Chocolate?

Try magnesium glycinate.

Or, try keto chocolate! The recipe for this will be found in the kitchen soon! It’s easy and adheres to the strict keto regimen.

Just need a little sweet after a meal?

You might need Zinc

Take it with food, otherwise it can cause nausea.  25-50mg

It Might be STRESS

Yeah, believe it or not, stress can cause cravings for sweets. Fortunately, nature supplies its own brand of Valium, and we call it GABA.

We hope this helps!

Remember to consult your personal physician for specific guidance and counsel. No medical advice is given on this site and nothing should be interpreted as such. Only you and your doctor know the specifics of your personal health needs.

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