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Quickie Quotes

Polly don't need no cracker
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I sometimes have these little “poems” or what I think are clever snatches and I’m always at a loss as to where to put them. Generally they are far too short and/or insignificant to create a post and so ultimately they mostly are quickly lost and forgotten. So this post is all about replies. I figured why not just creat a post that I could quickly add a reply to? Thus is born this quickie Quotes post. Feel free to add your own replies. Using quotes from someone else is ok I guess, but be sure to give attribution. Mostly, this is for little spontaneous thoughts you might think funny or creative or interesting. All such quotes and remarks are assumed to be the creation of the poster unless specifically attributed.

About the author: Richard
Retired developer, author, father of 5.

2 thoughts on “Quickie Quotes”

  1. Surely as the winter snows across the frozen grasses pose
    The epitome of beauteous form nor cumbered by the viewers norm
    With visions of the purest white that sparkles under stars at night
    Invites the soul to wander out into the swirling stuff and shout
    Oh man, what secret being old, there is but one, it’s freakin cold.

  2. and now before we try again, to run this site and not pretend
    Is best to make sure replies still work, lest we bit by a little quirk.

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