Swabbin the decks already…

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Swabbin the decks already…

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Today is clean up day here. LOL. I know how odd that is for such a lazy site with virtually no visitors as yet. I mean the place hasn’t even been optimized or had any SEO work yet. But in the process of my play and discovery I add a lot of… dust, shall we call it, to the site. Especially plugins. Holy crap are there a lot of plugins for WordPress. I like to try them out, and so I end up with kadoodles of them, and then I can’t remember which are being used and for what. So I think it’s time to learn how to clean. To start, I of course will seek out plugins to help! Anyway, ifI break things I’ll be the only one that notices. 


I’ll come back and update this post after I learn something about cleaning.. In the meantime, I will include the page destroyer invaders widget to give you something to do here.

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