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Site Building- A journey to insanity. Day 1

So, I’ve decided to chronicle my progress in building this site. Yes, it is a site, rather than just a blog, though the blog will be center stage since I like talking to myself. I, as those that know me know, have been into computers for many years, and have had a number of sites, both personal and business oriented. The art of creating a site these days is much easier in most respects, but, not requiring the down and dirty of the good old days, makes some things seem harder. It’s a bit like being pummeled about the head and shoulders with simplicity. Some things should be hard, and when they aren’t, it is a bother. Sometimes they get so damn simple they become hard.

Anyway, I’m old now, and best get along with things, lest I perish before reaching the goal, which in this simplistic sense is simply getting this site in order, so I can share all my crap with other people.

On day 1, I got Polly working. Polly is a most remarkable bit of technology from Amazon, that brings the simple robotic text to speech I remember in its infancy, to extraordinary new heights. It was Polly that really tuned my imagination in such a way as to encourage me to rebuild a website, my last effort having been arbitrarily disposed of by the ‘host’.

That’s a story I’ll tell some other time.

The highlight today has been the proper configuration of the interface to Polly, the integration of a number of add-on modules, some of dubious worth, and the barebones of blocking out the framework for this project. All capped off with this simple post.

Glad to have you join in the adventure!