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My Bestest Daughter’s Birthday

As you get older, birthdays tend to pile up on you… sometimes even to the point of being overwhelming. With an ever growing family it gets harder and harder to remember birthdays and ages, even your own! But for all that, I only have one daughter. One amazing girl among our five children.

She is now a beautiful mother of three herself. Today we celebrate the fact that she is. That she was born into the world and thrived in every circumstance. That despite the billions of us, I can pick her out of a crowd and I know just how unique and special an individual she is.

An important part of my own life journey has been in trying to be the best father I could be, despite my many weaknesses. There is something indescribably fulfilling about realizing your children turned out good despite your parenting faults.

I don’t mean to be maudlin. After all, she’s a grown woman now and it’s just another birthday right? But two days ago she showed up a few minutes early to pick up Zoey, her daughter and my granddaughter. Two minutes after she left, a huge tree cracked and fell across the driveway where she had been waiting. I guess it just got me thinking about how fragile our lives really are and what a great blessing every day is.

Birthdays are special I think because we are, or should be, especially in tune with how important someone is to us and what a big part of our lives they are. I hope today is an awesome day for my daughter. I love her.