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Strawberry Needed!

Another contest in the making here. The Rotten Strawbs are in need of an icon, an emblem, a symbol, a picture, whatever. We don’t care what you call it.

We want to associate ourselves with a graphic that when seen, makes people immediately think of us.

We don’t want the reaction to be “oooh, rotten strawberries”, we want it to be “Yeah! The Strawbs!”.

We don’t know yet what exactly the prize will be, but trust us, you’ll be so happy if you win.

See the cool strawberry to my right? Well you can’t use that. I don’t know where its been or who it belongs to. It’s just there to give an idea. Touch it.

Now that strawberry on the back side was made by me, right here on site, using our Dooodl creator. I know it sux. That’s not the point!

The point is that you too can use it to create your entry, or entries. The top 3 contestants will be invited to submit actual graphic designs that meet the specifications required to be applied to our forthcoming shirts, tees, and popups!

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