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My Bestest Daughter’s Birthday

As you get older, birthdays tend to pile up on you… sometimes even to the point of being overwhelming. With an ever growing family it gets harder and harder to remember birthdays and ages, even your own! But for all that, I only have one daughter. One amazing girl among our five children.

She is now a beautiful mother of three herself. Today we celebrate the fact that she is. That she was born into the world and thrived in every circumstance. That despite the billions of us, I can pick her out of a crowd and I know just how unique and special an individual she is.

An important part of my own life journey has been in trying to be the best father I could be, despite my many weaknesses. There is something indescribably fulfilling about realizing your children turned out good despite your parenting faults.

I don’t mean to be maudlin. After all, she’s a grown woman now and it’s just another birthday right? But two days ago she showed up a few minutes early to pick up Zoey, her daughter and my granddaughter. Two minutes after she left, a huge tree cracked and fell across the driveway where she had been waiting. I guess it just got me thinking about how fragile our lives really are and what a great blessing every day is.

Birthdays are special I think because we are, or should be, especially in tune with how important someone is to us and what a big part of our lives they are. I hope today is an awesome day for my daughter. I love her.

The Bake before Christmas

Twas a week (more or less) before Christmas and panic set in

Momma knew that the baking prep had to begin

There was butter to buy, nuts and chocolate in bulk

and to bring it inside she would need that great hulk

So Pops would play chauffeur, cart pusher and bank

and Momma would lead him, sometimes with a yank

The aisles would be crowded with people in need

and yet most were friendly, like brothers indeed

When supplies are unloaded but not put away

Momma takes just a moment, to breathe or to pray

and then with her measuring cups and her spoons

she’s off like a whirlwind, a flour storm looms

Bowls and pans cover countertops littered with crumbs

and hands mix the cookie dough until they are numb

The dog patrols restlessly his circular path

ensuring the floors clean and stoking moms wrath

The heat from the oven and the cold wind that blows

make the windows look icy, like old Frostie’s nose

and Pops in pajamas, hot cocoa in hand

Just watching and smiling, like he has a plan

And time somehow stops while rushing ahead

and it’s the wee hours, well past time for bed

but Mommas still cooling and packing in tins

loving treats for her family, neighbors and friends

Poppas plan is completed, every batch tested well

his milk glass is empty and Momma can tell

She told him to stop, but he does what he can

and he tasted a cookie from every hot pan

The children all grown up with lives of their own

But this time of the year they may all visit home

So they rest on the sofa, mom tired, dad stuffed

and they gaze at the tree, both of them feeling chuffed.

It soon will be Christmas and our savior above

fills the hearts of all those who believe in His love

Though our faith must be tested and trials overcome

If our love is unbroken, we’ve already won

Morning mail surprise

Like most people, I have a morning routine. It varies somewhat dependent on if I am going to work of course. A non work day might find me in pajamas at 2 in the afternoon when visitors show up. Not the point. This morning as I fired up the monitor and first clicked to check my mail, I found a Facebook update notice for Troy. Always happy to see what he is up to, I clicked. I really wasn’t quite prepared to meet George Washingtits.

My guess is that snowfall down in Asheville is something of a rarity. In fact, it looks like most of this snow was dedicated to George’s ample bosom. Quite the morning surprise. Come to think of it, George looks a bit surprised himself… er, herself?

The caption on the FB post read simply
The world was not ready… for George Washingtits

That may be right.