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My Bestest Daughter’s Birthday

As you get older, birthdays tend to pile up on you... sometimes even to the point of being overwhelming. With an ever growing family it gets harder and harder to remember birthdays and ages, even your own! But for all that, I only have one daughter. One amazing girl among our five children. She is... Read more

The Bake before Christmas

Twas a week (more or less) before Christmas and panic set in Momma knew that the baking prep had to begin There was butter to buy, nuts and chocolate in bulk and to bring it inside she would need that great hulk So Pops would play chauffeur, cart pusher and bank and Momma would lead... Read more

Morning mail surprise

Like most people, I have a morning routine. It varies somewhat dependent on if I am going to work of course. A non work day might find me in pajamas at 2 in the afternoon when visitors show up. Not the point. This morning as I fired up the monitor and first clicked to check... Read more