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Of Christmas & Trees


I LOVE this time of the year. Starting with Halloween I begin to experience the sense of celebration. Yeah, it starts with candy and little kids dressed up to the bounds of their imaginations, or their parents purse, and actually going out in the world, knocking on doors, and meeting, however briefly, other real life people. God help us all when Facebook takes that over too and we need never actually see, or be seen, by others. People decorate! Well, some do. It may be as simple as just leaving a pumpkin on the front steps, but still, it’s something right?

Then quickly comes Thanksgiving and hopefully we begin to turn our thoughts from the ‘me me me’ focus of Halloween candy to a more pronounced contemplation of the joys and blessings in our lives. Family bonds pull us nearer and we generally hide the deep seated need we have for one another by focusing it on food, since it’s not really polite to talk with your mouth full. But we all know. We all realize at this time of year more than usual, how much we care for, need, and appreciate family.

Then, the magic really begins as we head toward Christmas. The big one. Now many will say it is based on commercialism and an old pagan holiday. Maybe. There’s no doubt a focus on buying things, and the time of year really doesn’t make sense for the birth of Jesus Christ. But none of that matters. Give unto Caesar what is his. For those who are blessed to know Christ, we know what the season represents and what it is we celebrate. It is that spirit that gives hope and makes even the non-believers seem a little friendlier at this time of year.

Anyway, this isn’t a lecture. I wanted to say to all who may read this that I hope you have a most awesome Christmas! Mama Crossley has been in good spirits this year and done a bit of decorating.