Tapper has arrived on Audible.com!

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Tapper has arrived on Audible.com!

Some of you may know I wrote a screenplay called “Zombody to Love” some years ago. It was experimental. I wanted to create a character that totally sucked and nobody could root for, and then see if I could make people root for him. It really was an exercise kind of project, but boy did I have fun, especially making him a jerk.

Anyway, I later used this experiment to see if I could convert the story to a short novel and publish it through Amazon. I did, although I have yet to ‘experiment’ with how to market it or make a decent cover. So now, after having tried recording it myself but realizing even though I had the passion I don’t know how to keep ‘voices’ in order or meet the technical demands, the story is finally on Audible.com! An amazing artist by the name of Paul Burt did a great job bringing it to life.

I have a few codes for free copies. Check it out here!

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