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The Rotten Strawbs

"Nate and Dillon worked hard for their debut performance at the Bear Chase Brewing Company, and it paid off big time. Nice venue, awesome crowd that grew all day, and a great performance." ..Gapoz
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Next show - Vini Culture in Frederick MD. 3/29 - 8:00-11:00 PM

In the Background - New Years Jammin 2019

Strawbs Guestbook

Use the “Leave reply” option at the bottom of this post to drop your comments on the Rotten Strawbs. They would be glad to know

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Strawberry Needed!

Polly don’t need no cracker Another contest in the making here. The Rotten Strawbs are in need of an icon, an emblem, a symbol, a

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In the Background - Nate's Garage

STRAWBS @ Bushwallers 5/12/19 9-12

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