GAPOZ – Media . Turntable Easter Egg … Take me back to the streets Toto!


On the Turntable

From the garage bin, the ‘A’ side sports a rendition of ‘Life Boat’ by the originator, Troy Crossley.

This melancholy masterpiece was performed on the old wooden swing over the garage of our Berryville house circa apr. 2008. It is the only recording of this song that I know of.

The flip side has a partial from a Rotten Strawbs performance of Almost cut my hair. This rendition was one of their best IMHO. The guitar work rocks and the vocals are in control.

By Request

From Troy’s Facebook series of tunes by request to fight the confinement imposed due to the corona virus pandemic.

First up, a great Tull tune , Wondering aloud.

Memorial Day on the Deck

There is a LOT of background entertainment going on here, but Dillon and his friend Taylor played through it with aplomb.
I love these cuts and can hardly wait until next time.



The original Shemnock focused on a zombie that took residence at a small office. A few of us Crossleys worked at the office so the characters are all based on the knuckleheads we worked with. Troy and I did all the parts.

Some years later I wrote a stupid poem about one of the kids. It involved their demise to cannibalism. Not to leave anyone out, I soon made short poems for them all. Odd as that was, I then remembered old Shemnock and wondered what he would make of such a thing. This then, is that story, actually available on Amazon with pictures.

Last of all, but not least, a childrens story about the alphabet, with a lonely albatross leading the adventure. This too is available on amazon, and as an eBook has some special features.