Wayward Poem by Richard Crossley

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Wayward Poem by Richard Crossley

Fingers of those golden rays dance across the lines where the darkness meets the darker out on the ridge of pines and the morning dew cast diamonds that no-one can bear away and day begins its trek again, that’s always been the way. And I rub the stubborn sleep from old eyes that want to see how the days and years and time eternal passes by and by, and my prayer today is just the same as you have heard before even when this body was still fresh and young and thought it would be evermore, before time had made bones brittle and stiffened joints with pain, before sicknesses and failures and long days in the rain.

Won’t you lift my tired arms and help me fly again. Clear away the doubts I feel and help me try again. Fill me with that awesome light that lifts and strengthens with your might and leads and carries and maketh bright the dark and fearful heart it lights, and soaring on the breath of hope with faith in everything you spoke through lips of those you called to give the answers to those who would live. Break my heart that you might make a bigger one to hold my fate and take my soul from this dark place that I might look upon your face and know that we can find true joy. Teach me to walk upon that path that leads me home, this wayward boy who hopes and dreams..

About the author: Richard
Retired developer, author, father of 5.

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