I hope you have registered with us and been redirected here, but if you just dropped by, that’s fine too. Actually, I would hope you would drop by this page often and refresh yourself on how things are laid out and where you can find what you are looking for.

As a registered member of the community here you have a substantial voice and the opportunity to greatly impact the quality and direction of content. It’s a massive responsibility yes? Of course, you can just go with the flow too. No pressure.

We are all about family, music, friends, and community. It’s a place to stay in touch, share common or not so common interests, discuss ideas, keep abreast of the news, and contribute your voice without fear of reprisal or repression.

We will experience growing pains, but I promise we will always be a place where you can come in from the cold and find some warmth.

We offer public and private groups and forums, personal communications, blogs, games and puzzles, and a sense of humor. We tend to focus on music, writing, art, and such things as our family and friends have interests in. We also have a store and intend to make offerings there to support our various endeavors. Watch for it!

And so we begin our adventure in the wonderful clouds over Amazon, where I hope the sailing will be smooth and efficient.

We are happy to have you along.

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