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We hope you have, or will, register with us and enjoy all we have to offer. Gapoz.com began as Crossley Endeavors, a site centered around family and the various interests we share. But funny thing is, family never showed up. So now it’s changing to more a place for my own interest, and that’s writing. At this point, we’re early in the process but already have the means to submit and review work. Not just a blurb about if we liked it or not, but a guided tour of how to objectivity reflect your opinion in specific areas like character development, pace, writing ability, etc. It’s the intent to make a community where aspiring writers can help each other refine the craft we love.

The platform has room for other interests as well, but writers that join the Writer’s Wrench club will be able to access a new choice on the top bar menu. Writer’s Alley. That’s where the dream will come true with the help of some determined writers. Hope to see you there.

As a registered member of the community here you will have a substantial voice and the opportunity to greatly impact the quality and direction of content. It’s a massive responsibility yes? Of course, you can just go with the flow too. No pressure.

We offer public and private groups along with an selective Activity stream, the ability to make blogs, invite friends, live text chat, multiple forums, and other functions being added or planned. We’re happy you visited and hope you’ll join us and be a contributor to our growth.

 Need any help, just ask.

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