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Available Works

Richard C. Crossley
102 Pages
Mystery Thriller
Movie Script
A young mother panics when her husband and son disappear on a weekend bonding trip to an isolated cabin. Police report her husband was found dead, his car mangled at the bottom of a ravine, but there is no sign of her son. Her desperate search for answers leads her ever closer to confronting a secret past she hoped would stay buried.

The first screenplay I wrote. Wait… That’s not really true. Disincarnate was the first and was actually filmed. But Maniacal was the first serious attempt I had made at writing a screenplay that I didn’t intend to go film out in the barn.Oh how good I thought it was too!

I was a long time member on a site called TriggerStreet, where short videos and scripts were peer reviewed, and I anxiously uploaded. I had experienced good feedback on my short vids and expected to be welcomed into the script writing side of the operation with a loving embrace. I was mercilessly beaten down. “Show, don’t tell”, “Too wordy”, ‘You can’t do that”.

I dove in with all my energy and learned, practiced, re-wrote. Finally my script was up for screenplay of the month and won a professional review from Scriptshark.

Richard C. Crossley
(for Nasser Films)
108 Pages

Action/AdventureMovie Script

Fade is a CIA agent set up to fail in order to protect major government players and prevent the unraveling of a drugs and human trafficking operation that spans countries and cultures.

My first contracted script. It has not yet seen the light of day, or the light of a projector, since it hasn’t been made. But I was contracted to write it, and it got close to a deal at one point, with Wesley Snipes reading it as a consideration for his first post prison work. He decided on one of the Expendables movies instead. Go figure.

Richard C. Crossley
91 Pages
ActionMovie Script

Abducted as a baby, Blinker has never known his parents, only the agents assigned as his handlers. At 8 years old, he is only beginning to understand his prison, and how his unique gift may provide the means to escape.
The Goad
Richard C. Crossley
114 Pages
Horror/DramaMovie Script
The Goad, unable to act upon the world except through proxy, is wearing down the only one that can contain his awful power. Unless a new container can be found soon, the heart of pure evil will be loose among those least able to cope with it.
Cobbers’s Survivors
Richard C. Crossley
111 Pages
Comedy/FantasyMovie Script
Cobber dreams of a real survivor show, where literally only one remains to claim the prize.
Binary Games
Richard C. Crossley
14 Pages
ActionMovie Script
Time is of the essence in this deadly contest.
Boon Town
Richard C. Crossley
108 Pages
Comedy/RomComMovie Script
It’s the quiet life for Boon, an orphan raised by a kindly social director. When tragedy strikes, a road rally may be the only way to save everything Boon had hoped for.
Chinese Connection
Richard C. Crossley
for Nasser Films
108 Pages
ActionMovie Script

A successful businessman uses his great reputation for helping the community as a cover to the dark secrets of his true ambitions.
Soul Diner
Richard C. Crossley
108 Pages
DramaMovie Script
Jacob Levine has always been a survivor. He survived the vicious riots of his youth and his time in a nazi concentration camps. Now, in America, he operates a charitable soup house and through the lives of two teenagers who cross his path, ultimately faces his deepest trial.
Zombody to Love
Richard C. Crossley
128 Pages
Survival Horror/Dark ComedyMovie Script
Tapper is as nearly heartless as a human being can be, even though it was by accident that he started the semidead zombie epidemic that may destroy mankind. The process might just make him more human.

Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon.
Grave Digger
Richard C. Crossley
108 Pages
Mystery/SuspenseMovie Script
A new murder in a quiet town has stirred up bad memories and threatens to expose dark secrets.

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