Zombody gets a facelift and review

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Zombody gets a facelift and review

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“Zombody to Love is a new idea with its own lore on zombie “life” and reason. Well worth your time.”

Kurt Marquart – HorrorGeeklifecom

Finally, an actual published review. It’s a hard thing, writing a book and putting it out there for the masses to poke at. A humbling experience. Lest you think Kurt’s summary above is the only good thing about it, I suggest you click the link and check it out. He didn’t like everything though.

He also says “The worst I can say about this audio-book that found its way to my ears is that I don’t like the cover, and I don’t like the title.” I can’t do anything about the title at this point, but I did spurge for a professional cover at long last. Check it out on the kindle version below.

There are still a few free codes to get the audiobook, where Paul Burt tells the story with great passion. Both Paul and Kurt ‘get it’, which is what I really hoped for in writing it. Thanks to the both of them.

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